What is IRC ?

The simple answer is “Internet Relay Chat”, which probably leaves you as confused as you were before… So, let's break it down a bit…

We all know what the internet is; the connecting of millions of computers all over the world for free exchange of information. You know what chat is; you most likely do a little (or a lot) of it everyday, with the friends, with your family, and quite possibly with a complete stranger. Finally, the technical bit, relayed. It simply means what it says. The chat is relayed over the internet, from person to person.

So there you have it, IRC is chat relayed from you to your friends over the internet. But what is it really?…. read on…

What is it really?

Good question that, and you didn't have to read far to find out. It's a question that I can't really answer for everyone. Different people see IRC as different things, but one thing holds common across most peoples vision, and that is it's place to meet new people, talk with old friends and most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun.

General help

Connecting to the network

Using X-Chat/Hexchat


/server -ssl irc.bsdnet.lt 6668

Using irssi

/server -ssl irc.bsdnet.lt 6668

Using mIRC with SSL support

/server irc.bsdnet.lt 6668+

Joining the channels

/join #channel name


/join #chat

Registering your nick

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD E-MAIL

Identifying nick

After reconnection or connection to server you need to verify your nick so use this command

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD  


Adding an auto op to a channel:

/cs flags #channel nickname AOP

Adding an auto protected op to a channel:

/cs flags #channel nickname SOP

Adding an auto halfop to a channel:

/cs flags #channel nickname HOP

Removing a user's access to a channel:

/cs flags #channel nickname -*

Making all new users be automatically voiced:

/cs flags #channel *!*@* +vV

Adding a user to auto kick:

/cs flags #channel *!ident@*.host.com +b

Adding a second founder: With auto +qo:

/cs flags #channel nickname +fFqOs

Without auto +qo:

/cs flags #channel nickname +fFs

Dropping a channel:

/cs drop #channel

Registering a channel:

/cs register #channel description

Logging out of your account:

/ns logout

Finding out why a user has access on a channel:

/cs why #channel nickname

Recovering a taken-over channel:

/cs recover #channel


The following commands can be used with NickServ:

REGISTER 	Register a nickname
IDENTIFY 	Identify yourself with your password
SENDPASS 	Send your password to your E-mail address
DROP 	Cancel the registration of a nickname
GROUP 	Link another nickname to your own
UNGROUP 	Cancel a linked nickname
INFO 	Get various info on a nickname/account
AJOIN 	Modify your autojoin list
SET 	Set options, including kill protection
RELEASE 	Regain custody of your nickname after RECOVER
GHOST 	Disconnect a "ghost" session
INFO 	Display information on a nickname
LIST 	List all nicknames matching a given mask
LISTEMAIL 	List nicknames by E-mail address
LISTCHANS 	List all channels you have access to
ACC 	Check whether a given nickname is identified
VACATION 	Set vacation mode if you're away for over a month
WHOIS 	Give yourself a special line in /whois


The following commands can be used with ChanServ:

REGISTER 	Register a channel
IDENTIFY 	Identify yourself with your password
SENDPASS 	Send a channel's password to you
DROP 	Cancel the registration of a channel
SET 	Set channel options and information
UNSET 	Clear channel information
INFO 	Show channel options and information
ACCESS 	Maintain the overall channel access list
LEVELS 	Fine-tune channel access levels
SOP 	Maintain the SuperOp list
AOP 	Maintain the AutoOp list
VOP 	Maintain the AutoVoice list
HOP 	Maintain the AutoHalfop list
OP 	Give a user chanop status (+o)
DEOP 	Remove chanop status (+o)
VOICE 	Give a user voice status (+v)
DEVOICE 	Remove voice status (+v)
HALFOP 	Give a user halfop status (+h)
DEHALFOP 	Remove halfop status (+h)
PROTECT 	Give a user protected status (+a)
DEPROTECT 	Remove protected status (+a)
INVITE 	Invite yourself to a channel
UNBAN 	Unban yourself from a channel
KICK 	Kick a user from a channel
TOPIC 	Change a channel's topic


The following commands can be used with MemoServ:

SEND 	Send a memo to a nickname or channel
LIST 	List your memos
READ 	Read a memo or memos
FORWARD 	Forwards memos to your E-mail address
DEL 	Delete a memo or memos
SET 	Set options related to memos
INFO 	Display information related to memos
IGNORE 	Ignore memos from certain users
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